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Supportive coaching in the paradigm & techniques of Ipsalu Tantra

Designed for individuals, couples, and small group support.

Mentor services are designed to support both new and experiences students of Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga. Explore the power of your sexual energy as a tool for self transformation and “Living in Bliss” within a coaching relationship. This support is offered to participants of our intensive courses and the Tantra Bliss Practicum and those beginning their exploration of Ipsalu Tantra. Mentor Services can be used by those unable to attend a Level 1 course to receive the Cosmic Cobra Breath, using the Tantra Bliss Practicum.

Mentors can help to integrate the daily practice of the Cobra Breath as the foundation of the student’s practice. Together you will use the techniques if Ipsalu Tantra Kriya Yoga to assist the transformation and unfolding along the way. Mentors are coaches for the personal exploration of Ipsalu Tantra: open discussion is encouraged, with the understanding that there will be no genital contact or sexual relation between the student and Mentor.

To schedule a Mentor Session

Sessions are held either by phone or in person (when geography permits) A brief phone consultation with the Mentor will explore your interests and create a schedule for your session(s). Please call Claudia for information at 510-978-3444.