Natural Healing Ways is located in Albany, California and is a clinic specializing in Women’s Health and Endocrinology.

We are committed to restoring your health and helping you to live life at your fullest potential.

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Our passion is to help you raise your vibration and to heal Body, Mind & Spirit. We are deeply committed to inspiring you to joyously live a fully empowered life with health, vitality & passion.

We specialize in natural treatments for:

  • Gynecology
  • Hormone imbalances, Infertility and associated conditions
  • Stress & Insomnia
  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Weight Management
  • Emotional Well-Being
  • Allergies
  • Pain Management

Natural Healing Ways offers over 20 years of experience, and our extensive knowledge in both Western and Eastern Medicine brings a unique approach to Health and Healing.

We offer:

  • Naturopathic Medicine Consultations
  • Acupuncture & Facial Acupuncture
  • Craniosacral Therapy & Shiatsu
  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage
  • Herbal Medicine & Wholefood supplementation

Meet Claudia

Claudia Weitkemper

Claudia Weitkemper is the owner of “Natural Healing Ways”. She is a National and California licensed Acupuncturist. She received her Master in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences, prescription Oakland, ampoule her Naturopathic Doctor degree in Munich, Germany, and her Nursing degree in Wuppertal, Germany.

She is trained in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been working in Health Care since 1983. Prior to receiving her degree as a Naturopath, she worked in Germany as a Nurse for 8 years.

She has worked in private practice as a professional Naturopath & Acupuncturist since 1993 in Germany and the Bay Area. Her Clinic, “Natural Healing Ways” is located in Albany, California. She teaches Kriya Yoga classes and “Heal your Body -Temple” workshops here and in Europe.

Claudia Weitkemper has specialized in “Women’s Health” and her passion is to help you raise your vibration, heal Body, Mind & Spirit, balance your hormones and help you with fertility challenges. She utilizes Acupuncture, Western and Chinese Herbs, Bach flowers, Whole Food Supplements, Energy Healing, Nutrition, and Lifestyle consulting, Coaching, as well as Yoga techniques to treat and restore your well-being.



Stop Smoking with Acupuncture

Acupuncture as an alternative approach to smoking cessation has a growing number of converts. In fact, acupuncture is often a court-mandated treatment for drug addicts because of its ability to reduce cravings and alleviate withdrawal symptoms such as irritability, anxiety and difficulty concentrating. Stop Smoking with Acupuncture   Find helpful group support to stop smoking…


Women’s Health

Issues impacting Women’s Health   Everyone wants to be healthy in order to enjoy a sense of well-being and have the best quality of life possible. Oriental medicine has always addressed the special needs of women throughout their lives. Women are more susceptible than men to certain health conditions, which can make it more challenging…


Break through weight loss & addiction roadblocks

According to acupuncture and Oriental medicine,  emotions originate internally from different organs inside the body. Conditions and events in the external world may provoke specific reactions but, ultimately, each person is responsible for the emotion generated.   Any addiction, whether to drugs, alcohol, food, work, or other activity or substance, effectively blocks intelligence and suppresses…


New Years Reflection

Reflection is the process in which an image or idea comes back to us, such as looking in a mirror,  rethinking an event, or reviewing an idea. We have the opportunity to take a closer view and reconsider our original thinking. The new year is a perfect opportunity to reflect and use that knowledge as…